Suggestion to Improve Canvas Navigation

I wanted to share a suggestion to enhance the navigation experience on the tool's canvas. Currently, I am using a trackpad since my mouse is not a gaming mouse, and I can only scroll vertically, not horizontally. **Improvement Suggestions: ** More Intuitive Navigation: It would be helpful to be able to scroll horizontally on the canvas more easily, perhaps with specific functions for those without gaming mice. This would improve the experience for users like me who use a trackpad. Visual Customization of the Canvas: Another suggestion is to allow the use of colors in both the boxes and box titles. This would make the canvas more visual and customizable, providing a more enjoyable experience. I understand that these improvements are additional details and not critical, but I believe they could add significant value to the overall usability of the tool. Of course, I'm aware of the work on the Instagram integration, which is very exciting! I appreciate the excellent work you're doing so far and hope these suggestions are helpful. If you need more details or clarifications, I'm at your disposal. Thank you for considering these enhancements. Best regards, Beatriz