New Advanced Reply!

Hi everyone, with the new Advanced Reply we have made a big step forward in managing user input, buttons, automatic chatbot closing and so on. ![advancedreply.png-6942](BASE/products/869241497/changelog/33371/inline-f1fba00b13ea83976c6420ab0c0f6f44.jpg) From now on your users will be able to reply through a button but simply writing the text inside, not only clicking on them. This is extremly useful especially on Whatsapp (or other external channels) where the user sometimes prefer to reply to a question writing a text instead of clicking the button. Moreover, with the new Reply you can aslo take a specific action when a written text doesn't match any of the buttons text. You can use the "no match" connector to manage this case with a specific flow. ![nomatch-option.png-2400](BASE/products/869241497/changelog/33371/inline-f6b1b34a12f3a9c10269676bc222beea.jpg) And, as you can see from the above image, you can also manage a "no input" timeout. If the user doesn't reply into the specified amount of the you can take a specific action. This is extremily useful when, for example, you want to close a conversation after some inactivity period. A real game changer option for managing your conversations flow with chatbots :) ![noinput-option.png-5544](BASE/products/869241497/changelog/33371/inline-3e9cf45c0d71648ba00c308b0da046ac.jpg) Let's try it and let us know what do you think!