New flow attributes added (Document & Lead info sections)

**Uploaded Document Attributes section** **lastUserDocumentAsAttachmentURL** Useful if you want to have an URL of the uploaded document that can be displayed in chat and you will always download on click **lastUserDocumentAsInlineURL** Document as "view inline" on click. Useful if you want to use this link in a WebRequest or externar API invocation to get the document content **Lead info Attributes section** **decodedCustomJWT** When the end-user (lead) is strong authenticated this JSON object contains certified info from the authentication provider. To get certified email use {{}}. In the same way you can get firstname {{decodedCustomJWT.firstname}}, lastname {{decodedCustomJWT.laastname}} or custom attributes, i.e. {{decodedCustomJWT.attributes.SSN}} **strongAuthenticated** Indicates that the current user logged in the chat session with "strong authentication"